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Frequently asked questions

If you are quite interested in taking the Athletics Coach Qualification - but just want to know a little bit more information about it before you sign up, then please find below a list of frequently asked questions.

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In a nutshell, why should i take the Athletics Coach Qualification?

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Quite simply - by completing the Athletics Coach Award (and returning a valid DBS check) you will be licensed to coach the seven core events/areas covered on course:



Endurance including Walks & Steeplechase

Long Jump

High Jump



You will also be licensed to coach the additional events covered in your technical day. For example, Athletics Coach Throws will be licensed to coach Hammer and Discus.

Coaches who took their Athletics Coach qualification pre April 2018, if you wish to coach Triple Jump, Pole Vault, Discus, Hammer or Wheelchair racing you will need to undertake the relevant Athletics Coach Technical and Assessment Day to achieve the full insurance coverage for these additional events.

I want to begin coaching track and field events but have no existing qualification...Where do I start?

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Your first port of call is the Coaching Assistant qualification. Once candidates have completed this qualification they can then apply for the Athletics Coach award.

A qualified Athletics Coach can then apply, if they choose to, for additional Athletics Coach Technical and Assessment Days, where you will learn more technical information about other event groups.

The next step on the coaching ladder is the Event Group qualification, where you will learn more detailed technical information about the event group you want to coach such as the Sprints or Endurance events. There are plans for this is followed by ‘Event Specialist’ courses, where the teaching will further narrow to individual events such as the Long Jump or Javelin – again depending on the preferences of the coach. The final step is to attempt the ‘Master Coach’ course which has yet to be fully revealed but will be the most senior qualification it is possible to get in the UKA system.

I am already qualified under the previous 'UKA levels' coach education structure. Do I have to start again?

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No, providing you are at least a level 2 qualified coach in anything apart from ‘Children in Athletics’ you can enrol on the ‘Athletics Coach Technical and Assessment Day’ of your chosen event group. This is of course because the information that coaches will be exposed to follows on from the ‘Athletics Coach’ qualification and only coaches with a level 2 qualification or higher under the old UKA Levels system have been deemed well versed enough to undertake the course.

What else is available to study as a coaching qualification?

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Over the last year you will have seen UKA and the four home countries have already successfully rolled out the following qualifications:

Leader in Running Fitness

Coaching Assistant

Athletics Coach

Coach in Running Fitness

and what is available when i want to progress from Athletics Coach?

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The ‘Event Group’ qualifications are available on uLearn (Sprints & Hurdles, Jumps and Endurance and Throws).

OK - so tell me more about the Athletics Coach Technical Days?

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There are 4 technical days available:

  • Athletics Coach Speed
  • Athletics Coach Endurance
  • Athletics Coach Throws
  • Athletics Coach Jumps

Athletics Coach Speed

  • Starts
  • Acceleration
  • Maximum Velocity
  • Hurdles
  • Relay
  • Wheelchair Racing
  • Planning
  • Coaching Process

Athletics Coach Endurance

  • Race Walking
  • Steeplechase
  • Middle Distance Running
  • Wheelchair Racing
  • Planning
  • Coaching Process

Athletics Coach Throws

  • Javelin
  • Shot
  • Hammer
  • Discus
  • Seated Throws
  • Planning
  • Coaching Process

Athletics Coach Jumps

  • Triple Jump
  • High Jump
  • Long Jump
  • Pole Vault
  • Planning
  • Coaching Process

Can i take more than one Athletics Coach Technical Day?

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Yes you can take as many as you like. In fact we actively encourage coaches to get involved in coaching across event groups because this helps young athletes discover the events they are best at. Completing all four Technical Days, will ensure all aspects of athletics events are covered.

What is involved with taking the Athletics Coach Technical Days?

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There will be a teaching day for each event group. To gain insurance in the events related to your Technical Day you will be required to complete a multiple choice knowledge test, mesocycle plan and practical assessment to complete.

Why is the assessment process repeated for each Technical Day?

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It is a licensing requirement for insurance purposes that a coach is assessed as competent to coach unsupervised in their chosen event group. For example, a coach licensed for Athletics Coach Speed is not insured to coach triple jump, pole vault, hammer and discus. If they wish to be insured to coach these, they would need to book and attend Athletics Coach Technical Day Jumps and Athletics Coach Technical Day Throws and be assessed as competent for these event groups.

Who is eligible to take this qualification?

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In short, you must hold a Level 2 qualification (with the exception of Level 2 Children In Athletics) or an Athletics Coach qualification or higher qualifications. For those who want the detail, an exhaustive list of coaching qualifications that are accepted is available below:

If you have ANY of the qualifications in the list below you ARE ELIGIBLE to undertake the ATHLETICS COACH TECHNICAL DAYS:

Level 2: Endurance

Level 2: Jumps

Level 2: Speed

Level 2: Throws

Level 2: Fell & Mountain Running Coach


Level 3: Discus

Level 3: Hammer

Level 3: High Jump

Level 3: Hurdles

Level 3: Javelin

Level 3: Long Distance

Level 3: Long Jump

Level 3: Marathon

Level 3: Middle Distance

Level 3: Pole Vault

Level 3: Shot Put

Level 3: Sprints

Level 3: Steeplechase

Level 3: Triple Jump

Level 3: Ultra Distance

Level 3: Walks

Level 3: Combined Events

Level 4: 100/200m/Relay

Level 4: 400m Hurdles

Level 4: 400m/Relay

Level 4: Decathlon

Level 4: Discus

Level 4: Hammer

Level 4: Heptathlon

Level 4: High Jump

Level 4: Javelin

Level 4: Long Distance

Level 4: Long Jump

Level 4: Marathon

Level 4: Middle Distance

Level 4: Pole Vault

Level 4: Shot Put

Level 4: Sprint Hurdles

Level 4: Steeplechase

Level 4: Triple Jump

Level 4: Ultra Distance

Level 4: Walks

If you ONLY have one or more of the qualifications in the list below you are NOT ELIGIBLE to undertake the ATHLETICS COACH TECHNICAL DAYS:


Children In Athletics

Fitness in Running and Walking

Club & Children’s Leader

Leadership in Running Fitness

Leadership in Running Fitness FMR

Level 1 Assistant Coach

Coaching Assistant

Level 2 Children in Athletics

Coach in Running Fitness

Coach in Running Fitness FMR

Children’s Coach

Level 3: Coaching Young Athletes

Level 3: BAF Strength and Conditioning

Level 3: Fell and Hill

Level 4: Coaching Young Athletes

Level 4: BAF Strength and Conditioning

Level 4: Fell and Hill

I hold a level 2 children in athletics qualification, why can't I go straight to the Athletics Coach technical day?

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The next relevant step for you, based upon your work towards coaching children, is to take the full Athletics Coach qualification. This progresses knowledge covered on the coaching Children in Athletics Qualification and bridges the gap between that and Athletics Coach.

I hold a level 2 children in athletics qualification and also a level 2 sprint and hurdles, jumps, throws or endurance. Can i still do the athletics coach Techncial days?

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Yes, because you have a Level Two qualification in an event group in addition to your CIA you are eligible to undertake the Athletics Coach Technical Days qualifications. Please see the lists above for an exhaustive insight into which qualifications are accepted as eligible.

I hold a certificate in Running Fitness award. Can I do the Athletics Coach Technical Days?

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No, if you want to take the Athletics Coach Technical Days qualifications you must first take the Athletics Coach qualification. This has been the case since the new qualifications structure was launched.

What if I already hold a higher coaching qualification such as level 3 or 4?

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We understand that many coaches do not want to continue taking qualifications. On this basis we will continue to place emphasis on coach development with all the conferences, master classes, coach development programmes and other activities currently running.

However, there will be a lot of material of interest to coaches at these levels within the Athletics Coach Technical Day and the Event Group qualification.

How do i sign up and start taking the Athletics Coach Technical Day?

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The Athletics Coach Technical Days will be launched at different dates throughout 2018 via your Home Country. Please visit your Home Country website for more information.

What About the Event Group and Event Specialist Qualifications?

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The model for these qualifications will be online delivery. The online modules willl involve greater technical content and will include an Integration Day. For example the Event Group qualification involves a series of online modules followed by one attendance day. The online modules for Event Specialist will begin to be released as the Event Group Online content is completed (under review).

Further details will be published on uCoach, uLearn and through all major PR channels when more details are confirmed and modules begin to be released.

What about the Master Coach qualification?

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The Master Coach qualifications will involve a rigorous assessment process based on a syllabus that will include all the material covered during the Event Group and Event Specialist qualifications. The syllabus will be released once the Event Specialist online material has been completed.

Further details will be published on uCoach, uLearn and through all major PR channels when more details are confirmed. Coaches who wish to take the Master Coach qualification are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the content of the Event Group and Event Specialist qualifications, however, this is not mandatory as many coaches will have already acquired this knowledge through their own experience and self directed learning.