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On this page you will find all the ‘pre course’ and ‘post course’ resources you will need to ensure success on the Athletics Leader Award.

Pre Course Resources

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Prior to attending the Athletics Leaders Award, potential leaders should view a selection of task cards that will be used throughout the duration of the course.

Task Cards

Task cards are used as an instruction manual for the delivery of basic run jump and throw activities.

  • Follow the Leader

Follow the leader task card.pdf (PDF File, 529KB)

  • Cat & Mouse

Cat and Mouse.pdf (PDF File, 532KB)

  • Jump the Rainbow

Jump the Rainbow.pdf (PDF File, 543KB)

  • Push Throw Relay

Push Throw Relay.pdf (PDF File, 523KB)

Post Course Resources

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Congratulations on completing the Athletics Leader Course! To assist you in your Leaders role we have developed some great resources.

  • Managing Inappropriate Behavior

Looking after a group of young, excitable children presents a real challenge to most adults. The following scenarios have been designed to help you consider how you would manage some of the behaviors you may encounter as an Athletics Leader.

Managing Inappropriate Behaviour.pdf (PDF File, 913KB)

  • How 2 on Track 4 Cards

We recognise effective communication skills play a key role in becoming a successful coach. So, to complement the technical knowledge acquired on the course we also want to help develop your communication and delivery skills. To aid the development of these skills we have developed a model that outlines the key skills required when coaching.

Here you can download four ‘on track 4’ task cards which include safety, organization, instruction & explanation and demonstration.

On Track 4 (PDF File, 879KB)

  • Task Cards

Here you can download a full set of task cards. This download includes 23 fun and engaging activities ranging from ‘Jump the Rainbow’ to ‘Rocket Throw’

Leaders Award Task Cards.pdf (PDF File, 10131KB)