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On this page you will find all the ‘pre course’ and ‘post course’ resources you will need to ensure success on the Children's Coach Award.

Pre Course Resources

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  • Induction Pack

This induction pack provides an introduction to the UKA Athletics Coach Programme and should be read before attending the first weekend of the course and also prior to attending day 3. The pack provides information about the structure and content of the course.

Prior to attending the course, candidates are required to read the induction pack and complete the pre course work. Please note it will take a few hours to read and complete the pre-course work so please don't leave it until the last minute to complete these tasks!

Download the Children's Coach Induction Pack here:

Athletics Coach Induction Pack.pdf (PDF File, 4537KB)

Course Resources

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  • Health & Safety

Health and Safety is an extremely important part of becoming a coach. This detailed document outlines why as coaches we must care.

Download the Health & Safety document here:

Health and Safety Power Point - Childrens Coach.pdf (PDF File, 6935KB)

  • PowerPoint Presentations

We understand there is an abundance of information to take in across the attendance days! So just in case you missed anything or need to recap something all of the PowerPoint presentations used can be found here.

  • Children's Coach Day 1

Childrens Coach Day1 PPT.pdf (PDF File, 2414KB)

  • Children's Coach Day 2

Childrens Coach Day2 PP.pdf (PDF File, 2324KB)

  • Children's Coach Day 3

Childrens Coach Day3 PPT.pdf (PDF File, 2102KB)

- Task Cards

As an Athletics Coach, Athletics Leaders and/or Coaching Assistants may assist you in the delivery of training sessions. Leaders are required to use task cards supplied by the supporting coach (you) and Coaching Assistants may use task cards or session plans supplied by you, the supervising coach.

A variety of cards can be used. A selection of cards can be downloaded below. However if you would prefer to create your own task cards, please download the blank template below.

  • Children's Coach blank task card

Blank Task Card.pdf (PDF File, 305KB)

  • Combination jumps

Combination Jumps.pdf (PDF File, 558KB)

  • Sprint hurdle

Sprint Hurdle.pdf (PDF File, 565KB)

  • Step back

StepBack.pdf (PDF File, 524KB)

  • Team pursuit

Team Pursuit.pdf (PDF File, 513KB)

  • Throw run

Throw Run.pdf (PDF File, 542KB)

Assessment Resources

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Children’s Coach Assessment Guidance

This document has been produced to provide guidance on how to complete the assessment element of the Children’s Coach qualification. The document provides further detail on assessment requirements and support for completing the written elements of the programme.

Download the Assessment Guidance document here:

UKA Childrens Coach Assessment Guidance.pdf (PDF File, 1932KB)

Children’s Coach Coach Diary Assessment

On successful completion of day 3 of the Athletics Coach course, candidates are required to submit a Coaching Diary for assessment. The Coaching Diary is based on your experiences during supported practice and delivery of sessions to profiled athletes. To ensure a place on the observed practical assessment day, the Coaching Diary must be successfully completed.

Download the Coaching Diary here:

UKA Childrens Coach Coaching Diary.pdf (PDF File, 1848KB)

Video Resources

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1. Activities & Games

Find videos here

2. Running

Find videos here

3. Jumping

Find videos here.

4. Throwing

Find videos here.

Children's Coach Support Coach Resources

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As a Support Coach you will assist learning by being a “critical friend”, reinforcing technical information (What 2 Coach) and supporting across coaching process skills (How 2 Coach).

This will help the developing Children’s Coach prepare for all aspects of their assessment. The Support Coach section aims to provide a supportive environment to enable coaches to practice what was learnt on course.

Without your assistance the development of these Coaches would not be possible, so thank you for your help and support in this.

Children's Coach Support Coach Guide

This Support Coach Guide aims to provide a supportive environment to enable coaches to practice what was learnt on course.

Download the Children’s Coach Support Guide here:

UKA Childrens Support Coach Pack.pdf (PDF File, 1318KB)