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On this page you will find all the ‘pre course’ and ‘post course’ resources you will need to ensure success on the Coaching Assistant Award.

Pre Course Resources

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Before attending the Coaching Assistant Award Course, prospective Coaching Assistants should download, read and complete each of the tasks within the Induction Task download. The Welcome and Induction Tasks have been designed to assist you in your preparation for the course. They provide background information on the course itself and the role of the Coaching Assistant.

Download the Coaching Assistant Wecome pack and the Pre Course Induction Tasks below:

Coaching Assistant Welcome Pack (PDF File, 2598KB)

Coaching Assistant Pre Course Induction Tasks (PDF File, 4221KB)

Task Cards

Throughout the duration of the course, you will use ‘Task Cards’ to deliver activities. These cards have been designed to offer a range of run, jump and throw based activities that are suitable for developing athletes. To assist in your preparation, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the layout of the cards, in particular the headings and content of each box.

CA Task Cards (PDF File, 5832KB)

Session Plans

On the second day of the course you will be introduced to the idea of working from a session plan. As a qualified Coaching Assistant you will work directly from a session plan provided by a Supervising Coach. Session plans vary in layout, however please view this template to become familiar with what should be included, most notably session goals, organization and units of a session. (This session plan relates to developing the fundamentals of jumping.)

Example Session Plan (PDF File, 514KB)

What 2 On Track 4 Cards

The ‘What to Coach On Track 4 Cards’ detail the key technical features required at this level of coaching. There are five cards in total covering, speed, endurance, wheelchair racing, jumps and throws. Coaching Assistants should familiarise themselves with these points- they will be explained in further detail on the course. Coaching Assistants will eventually be expected to have the knowledge to be able to observe athletes and pick up on key technical features described on these task cards.

Download the What 2 On Track 4 Cards below.

What 2s (PDF File, 806KB)

How 2 on Track 4 Cards

Communication skills are a key competent to becoming a successful coach. So to complement the technical knowledge acquired on the course we also want to help develop your communication and delivery skills. To aid the development of these skills we have developed a model that outlines the key skills required when coaching. These coaching skills are introduced and reinforced on the course. If you familiarise yourself with the style and layout of the card now you will be one step ahead when they are discussed in more detail later in the course!

Download the How 2 On Track 4 Cards below.

CA How 2 On Track 4 (PDF File, 6259KB)

Post Course Resources

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Congratulations on completing the Coaching Assistant Course! To assist you in your assistant role we have developed some great resources

Coaching Assistant Manual (PDF File, 10930KB)

Coaching Assistant PowerPoint Presentation (PDF File, 5114KB)

Video Resources

For a recap on Balance and Coordination check out the Back to Basics video with EA National Coach Mentor for Youth Development Scott Grace, which can also be viewed below.

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