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On this page you will find all the ‘post course’ resources you will need to ensure success on the Leader in Running Fitness Award.

Post Course Resources

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Course PowerPoint slides

The following are the generic slides that will have been covered during the LiRF course.

LiRF PowerPoint Presentation (PDF File, 4955KB)

Accident & Injury Report Form

Please click here for UKA health and safety information and what to do in the event of an accident or dangerous incident.

Download the Accident & Injury Report Form for Leadership in Running Fitness here.

Accident injury (PDF File, 310KB)

Contacts & Further Details

This document contains a number of useful contacts which we feel will be of use to a Leader in Running Fitness. It also provides examples of further reading materials. 

Download a list of relevant contacts and further information here.

Contacts further reading (PDF File, 261KB)

Sample Register

The sample register allows you to easily keep a group register and monitor the attendance of the athletes in your group.

Download a Sample Register here.

Group register (PDF File, 207KB)

Sample Risk Assessment

The safety of your athletes is extremely important. This document highlights a number of risks an Athletics Leader may encounter alongside ways to control and mitigate such risks.

Download a sample Risk Assessment form here.

Group risk assesment (PDF File, 184KB)

Session Cards

This download contains different sessions you could use during your training sessions. The sessions range from ‘figure of eight’ to ‘out and back runs’.

Download a full set of on-course cards here.

LiRF session cards2014 (PDF File, 1455KB)

Session Plan Templates

Planning training sessions can often be a difficult task. So to make this process easier we have developed a session plan that allows you to effectively plan all aspects of a training session from warm up activities to safety issues.

Download a Session Plan Template here.

Session Plan Template (PDF File, 632KB)

Stretch Cards

This document provides the reader with a visual representation of a number of different stretches.

Download a full set of on-course stretch cards here.

Stretch Cards (PDF File, 3262KB)

Couch to 5k

This document provides information on delivering a 'Couch to 5k' programme.

Download the Coach to 5k document here

Couch to 5K Leader Requirements FINAL VERSION (PDF File, 767KB)

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