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Qualification Details

Full Qualification Details

Leadership in Running Fitness


Who should go on this course?
Anyone who is 18 years and above and has an interest in running for fitness and would like to lead a group, then this is the course for you.

How many days will it take?
One day, with no assessment.

What will I learn?
The course will focus on the safe organisation of achievable and progressive running activity and how to lead a group of runners of varying ability.
Topics covered include: The barriers that stop people from taking up running, and how a leader can make a difference for them. How to plan sessions and deliver a safe and fun warm up and a cool down. Demonstration and supervision of effective stretching. The different types of activity that can make running varied and enjoyable. Helping runners to set and achieve SMARTER goals

Candidates must engage in tasks and activities throughout the course and demonstrate improvement following any discussions with course staff. Candidates not engaging within all aspects of the course are at risk of not gaining the qualification at the end of the process.

What will I be able to do?
The course is designed to prepare you to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for young people over 12 years of age and adults of any ability, size or shape. You may lead a group for your club and register with RunTogether to deliver to new runners. Your qualification will provide you with insurance to lead a group within the limits of the course content. Leadership in Running Fitness will be accepted as a prerequisite course for the Coach in Running Fitness qualification.

England Athletics £170 (Club discount rate £140)
Welsh Athletics £155 (Club discount rate £125)
Athletics Northern Ireland £110

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