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Qualification Details

Full Qualification Details

Coach in Running Fitness


This running fitness qualification is the cornerstone of the Off-Track pathway. It is primarily for those working with Off-Track runners who wish to improve their fitness. All applicants must be active leaders or coaches who have completed as a minimum a Level 1 Assistant Coach, Fitness in Running & Walking, LiRF or Coaching Assistant qualification. CiRF is about the broad application to non track based endurance running rather than specific events or distances and is not designed for coaches who want to work with runners taking part in track based events such as 800m–10k track races or steeplechase. When qualified you will be insured to coach without supervision.

Candidates must engage in tasks and activities throughout the course and demonstrate improvement following any discussions with course staff. Candidates not engaging within all aspects of the course are at risk of not gaining the qualification at the end of the process.

England Athletics £420 (Club discount rate £255)
Welsh Athletics £400 (Club discount rate £350)
Athletics Northern Ireland £350

Available Courses

WACiRF19.3 Penarth 3 Aug Details
SC1351 Cambridgeshire 31 Aug Details
LC0444 Surrey 14 Sep Details
MC1180 Somerset 14 Sep Details
MC1169 Nottinghamshire 28 Sep Details
NC1154 Tyne And Wear 28 Sep Details
NC1122 Greater Manchester 5 Oct Details
SC1313 Buckinghamshire 5 Oct Details
LC0427 Middlesex 12 Oct Details
WACiRF19.4 Bridgend 12 Oct Details

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